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Preeti Vani

PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior

Stanford Graduate School of Business

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I am a PhD student in Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I am currently on the job market!


My research sits at the intersection of prosocial behavior and intergroup relations, especially as these topics relate to diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace. Specifically, my work focuses on allyship, and how we can be better allies to people who are "different" from us on important dimensions (ex: gender, race, sexual orientation). In a nutshell, my research agenda helps minority candidates in organizations overcome common obstacles to feeling heard, validated, and understood.


Prior to my PhD, I received my BA in Psychology from Harvard University, and my MA in Economics from Yale University. When I'm not hanging out in the ivory tower, I love reading (usually historical fiction novels), traveling, baking, going to theater productions, and spending time with my dog (a Bernedoodle).

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